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Quick lunch idea! Green Tuna Salad!

I struggle with coming up with  good lunch ideas, ALL THE TIME.  I have been craving tuna lately, but have had a hard time finding tuna without added soy, YUCK!!  I FINALLY found some! Thank you Natural Grocers!


I’m going to call this one Green Tuna Salad because it is tuna with a bunch of yummy green stuff! Don’t worry… it doesn’t turn out green… haha!


Green Tuna Salad


1/2 avocado

2-ish cups of green something (green lettuce, spinach, romaine, etc)

1-can/pouch of tuna (preferably wild and soy free!)

sliced cucumber cut into quarters

sliced celery

Some Vegenaise (soy free)

Some salt, pepper and garlic powder

(like my units of measure?? :-))



Drain and mix the tuna with the vegenaise or other mayonnaise replacement. Add the vegenaise to your preferred consistency.  Slice/quarter up the cucumber and slice the celery. Cut up and add as much as you see fit and mix. Add salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

Cut up your greens and add to the bowl. Slice up the 1/2- avocado, put over greens. Then put tuna salad on top of that. And enjoy!



Baby, it’s cold outside! Paleo Sweet Potato Beef Stew please!


I LOVE stew. Need I say more? It’s easy to prepare, you essentially don’t have to do anything to cook it (thank you Crockpot!), and it is hot and ready when you get home.  And did I mention it is DELICIOUS? It brings me back to the days when we would go to grandma’s house and she would be cooking stew. So simple, but so good. 

On my continued journey through paleo-land, I wanted to use sweet potatoes instead of your traditional white potatoes. Best decision ever.  Next time around, I’m going to have to add more sweet potatoes and carrots because ZOMG were they delicious. I manipulated this recipe a bit:

I didn’t cook the meat before hand, just out of laziness (to be honest). And it still turned out tender (maybe slightly chewy) but still really good. And I used coconut oil instead of ghee.  I may have added more veggies than the recipe called for (and upped the spices), with great success. HIGHLY suggest this one! Enjoy!!

I heart you Domestic Man! Eggplant Pizza!


Since I have recently delved into the unknown world of Paleo, I have been in search of good resources. I have to say, The Domestic Man has been one of my favorites thus far! He has oddball recipes (that really goes together??) that are awesome!

I was majorly craving pizza, after the infamous lunch meeting at work where Papa John’s was the meal of choice. So I went searching to find a Paleo (or as close to Paleo as possible) recipe that may fulfill these cravings. And so I came across Eggplant Pizza. Domestic Man to the rescue!

Only modification was I used Daiya dairy-free cheese and mozzarella goat cheese. Don’t think these are strict Paleo, but I was okay with it!

I have once again attached the link for these gems. Enjoy!

Eggplant Pizza by The Domestic Man:

Spagetti Squash with Avocado Cream Sauce


All I can say is yum! And my waistline is pleased as well! Spaghetti squash is fiber-rich and far less calories than regular pasta. That is approximately 42-calories per cup versus the 221-calories in a cup of regular pasta.  And you can top it with whatever you would regular pasta. Plus it reheats well. I am having this dish for lunch this week. Delish!

The spaghetti squash takes about 1.25 hrs to cook (including preparation time). But it is WELL worth it. When reheating, just heat the already cooked squash first, then add the avocado cream sauce. Avocados don’t do well microwaved.

This recipe is paleo, clean, and vegan friendly. AND it tastes great! Can’t resist now can you? I found this recipe on  I will just share the link with you because I don’t see any sense in reinventing the wheel!

Link to cook the spaghetti squash:

Link for the avocado cream sauce (double yum!):


I’m sorry for the delay….

So, life caught up with me and I haven’t had the opportunity to post more recipes in the last few days. Don’t worry, I’m catching up as we speak. Something like Pink Gloves Boxing and additional workouts and house cleanings got in the way…. I need to figure out my PRIORITIES!! 😉

“I’ve gone nuts” Paleo Energy Bars

Modified a gluten-ridden energy bar recipe into amazingness. Brace yourself.

Modified a gluten-ridden energy bar recipe into amazingness. Brace yourself.

I went on a search for a paleo energy bar that did not taste like dirt and wasn’t complicated. And I had a very difficult time, SO I decided to find a random recipe and modify! Yikes! The original recipe was dairy and gluten ridden, but I think the ratio of ingredients was what I was looking for. And then, ta-da! We have bliss. Yummy, gooeyness, gives me lots of energy, yum. So, here you go:

Mixing spoon
Large mixing bowl
Measuring cup
2 – 8×8 inch baking pans

8-10 cups – of whatever (cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried cherries, dried coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc) *Peanuts are NOT a nut! They are a legume = not paleo. See! You learn something new every day!
2 cups – sweetener (honey, agave, etc)
1.5 cups – protein-rich butter of choice (almond, cashew, sunbutter, etc)
salt to taste

1. Heat the sweetener and butter in the microwave until you can mix them together. Not so they are hot!

2. Mix the dry ingredients in the large mixing bowl by hand, just so you have a nice mixture.

3. Pour the “wet” ingredients over the dry ingredients, then mix together (by hand with your mixing spoon) until all the dry ingredients appear to be coated.

4. Pour the yummy, sticky, ooey-gooey mixture into your baking pans, compress the ingredients down so your bars won’t fall apart. But don’t CRUSH the ingredients. Cover your pans with plastic wrap and stick in the refrigerator. This helps the bars hold together.

5. I leave them in the refrigerator over night, then the next day I cut them up, wrap them up and go.

*Definitely experiment with the butter to sweetener ratio to get less of the sweetener. I plan on doing that next time around. But it is so yummy as issssss…

*A Crossfit pal, Kier, told me the website has a great variety, and is less expensive than the health food store for good quality nuts. Just FYI 🙂