Hello there! My name is Lauren and I am currently residing in beautiful Montana! I love my home!

My journey to learn more about health, wellness and nutrition started about three years ago. First, I found out I had a severe intolerance to dairy, then soy, then gluten. What is a girl to eat?!? Well, it’s taken me about three years to discover there is a LOT to eat, but you have to cook. Damn.

I’m not a cook, but I can follow a recipe. And I LOVE food. So I’ve started small and kept learning.

I’ve tried every gluten, dairy, soy-free processed food out there. And most of the time I was dissatisfied and broke! So, that peaked my interest in the paleo lifestyle. Refer back to where we as humans started. Hmmm… that might be a good idea! Because really, processed food was only introduced to our bodies about 60 years ago! That’s thousands of years of not eating overly processed food before that trend started. hmmmm.

I do not eat 100% paleo, but I have stopped buying processed food for the most part. It’s been tough. But I’m really loving the consequences. It tastes SO good to eat REAL food. Not chemically derived “food”.

In case you are wondering, Paleo in a nutshell is lean meats, fruits, veggies and nuts. Make of it as you wish. 🙂

I hope you will join in on my journey and share what you’ve found with the recipes I’ve tried or if you’ve found great new ones! Have fun!

Me at my finest.

Me at my finest.


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